Charlie's Bio


Charlie Guitar was born Friday January 13, 1955    After the Beatles hit when Charlie was in fourth grade many of the kids learned a few chords and formed "bands" as they got a little older. Charlie watched with envy as they got all the attention from the girls and were part of the hip crowd.

Finally in 1972 at the age of 17 he finally got wise and decided to play guitar himself. Practicing took more and more time to the point where Charlie dropped out of college after 2 years in order to pursue music full time ( his parents were just thrilled with this). In 1977 he joined a local country band playing at the Friendly Tavern called the Thundering Water Review. Two years later an Elvis impersonator Charlie auditioned for completely blew him away with his Elvis voice and he was on his way to form A Touch Of Elvis in southern New York. This lasted a few years until Charlie tried out for a Nashville recording artist, got the gig and finally went off to play on the road. This band known as Gabriel and the Silver Bullet Band played in the biggest country venues from Montana to Minnesota to New Mexico and Nashville. This was great exposure for Charlie as he picked up many guitar licks from some great players and made contacts that would be important to him for the rest of career.

After three years of this it was time to do want he really wanted to go back and form his own Beatle's act. Charlie put together "Starting Over" and went back on the road doing Beatles in the finest hotel lounges on the East coast. After being on the road for four years now it was time to have some normalcy so Charlie took a gig with a friend of his, Roland Wallace, one of the worlds top Jerry Lee Lewis acts. This would be in Richmond Virginia only, no road. The band was extremely popular staying constantly booked. This was great but by the time 1988 came around it was finally time for the big one. Off to New York City. Charlie arrived in New York in May 1988 with his guitar on his back.

Realizing that NYC was a very difficult place to put a band together with logistical problems and conflicting schedules Charlie decided to basically become a one man band. He would do his own Beatle arrangements where he embedded the melody within the chords, played signature guitar licks and got the bass moving all at the same time . This would be technically very challenging but worked well since his guitar did all the singing ( Charlie can't sing a note) . Great but how do you make money at this? He discovered Central Park. People walking by were happy to throw a dollar or two ( or a quarter) into the guitar case for the beautiful music they heard. Soon he discovered there were other real cool places to play in the city like the streets of Times Square or the Village ala Bob Dylan. Who needs a band when you can play anytime you want , what you want, how you want and no personalities!

This brings us to 2000 when Charlie decided to do other gigs. He played guitar that year for a band competing in the New York International Beatle Fest. The band won first place! In 2004 he opened for and performed with Tony Sheridan the Beatles early mentor. This was at The Indra, the club the Beatles played when they first arrived in Hamburg. Also that year he played in Liverpool during International Beatle Week. In 2006 Charlie is releasing his second CD , Spring 2006, and will be performing at the world's biggest Beatle Festival ABBEY ROAD ON THE RIVER.